So Many Doors is a retro puzzle platformer inspired by the Game Boy look & feel.

  • Try to find your way through the doors maze
  • Move from start to final door, using portals.
  • Choose wisely; some doors are good, others slow you down.
  • Remember the path, avoid failing too many times.
  • Be fast, and most important, don't die! If you can!

Demo contains first 9 levels! (WebGL)


You can also play the web demo directly here:

Please note that this game is still in development, it is not a finished product, but at alpha release instead, so don't expect everything to work perfectly :-)

For updates & latest news please follow us on our twitter page: 

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I love the Gameboy style aesthetic so much. It tugs on all my nostalgia heart strings. I also greatly enjoy challenging and difficult games (Super Meat Boy, Electronic Super Joy, Dark Souls, etc.) This game has a lot of potential, and right now I think the steep learning curve is hurting it. I intend to play more but after nearly an hour I still haven't gotten past the first level. I think it is simply too busy and there's too much going on to adapt to. Not to mention the time between death and respawn gets painful. I think the bar for initial challenge needs to be lowered. I also spent a lot of time not clear on what killed me. Part of it was due to me not registering the spikes on the level or the falling projectiles. They too closely matched the color of the background and environment. I think it'd help to have them pop a bit more, make them black like the fish or something similiar so they stand out.

I hope this project continues to grow and can find that sweet spot that makes challenging fun. All the best of luck on your project!

Hi there,

Thank you very much for the feedback. Much appreciated :-)

For sure i will take in consideration all what you have said, and go on with the project, improving it step by step. 

I agree that it can be too much frustrating/difficult  right now, and needs to start easier, but I'm also doing a lot of experiments at the same time, which doesn't help on that :-).

I´ll be updating the demo as frequently as i can, if you have any other suggestions feel free to share them, they will always be welcome

thanks again for playing

all the best